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The Lark's Nest Printmaking Room


& Lithography

Instructed by Ava Larkin

The Lark's Nest Printmaking

Create Handcrafted Content

Handcraft your own greeting cards, posters, or ads using the classic style offered by printing press machines. 

The Lark's Nest Printmaking Equipment
The Lark's Nest Printmaking Room

Learn a Timeless Art

Larks Nest's Welding classes offer a unique chance to learn a form of art that dates back to 1798 and still used in current day for it's irreplaceable style.

Get to Know Ava

In 2007, Ava made up her mind that she would one day establish a center for creativity in her hometown, Dade City. At the time she was mid-way through her Senior year in the University of Delaware’s Fine Art program and was applying to graduate schools around the U.S.
Come Spring Ava would accept an offer from Herron School of Art and Design at IUPUI, where she would focus on Art in Public Spaces as part of their MFA program.

In the preceding years, Ava’s academic and work history ran the gamut. She attended colleges in Florida, Alabama, Boston and New York City. She studied music, foreign languages and singing. She was a licensed realtor in Florida and Tennessee, worked for Billboard in Nashville, was a flight attendant and model for Independence Air, freelanced for the Window Department and Interiors at Bergdorf Goodman, and was a backup singer for a handful of musicians. By the time she enrolled at the University of Delaware Ava felt confident she was finally heading in the right direction. Little did she know that she would be trying on a few more hats before too long...READ MORE

The Lark's Nest Printmaking Instructor Ava Larkin

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Studio Equipment



                Provenance -  Tim Gibbons, Florida Artist – Printmaker, Painter

                Procured from: Artist

                Surface: 24" x 36"

M.M. Kelton D Cylinder copperplate press – ca 1890 - 1910

                Provenance -  Buell Lee Whitehead, Florida Artist – Printmaker (1919-1993)

                Procured from: Ronald Newsome, Arcadia, FL

                Cylinder: 14” x 12”

                Bed: 15” x 36”

                Maximum Plate: 13.5” x 11”


Unknown Cast Iron Etching Press – ca 1900s - 1910s

                Provenance -  Mauricio Leib Lasansky – Argentine Artist – Printmaker (1914-2012)

                Procured from: Iowa Wesleyan University, Mount Pleasant, IA

                Bed: 16” x 40”

                Maximum Plate: 15.5” x 36”


Golding & Co. Pearl No.14 Letterpress – ca 1896

                Provenance – Unknown

                Procured from: Port Charlotte, FL

                3 Chases: 9” x 14”

                Custom Rollers by Todd’s Press Time, LLC


Kelsey Excelsior letterpress – ca mid 1900s

                Provenance – Unknown

                Procured from: Brooksville, FL

                1 Chase: 3” x 5”

                Custom Rollers by Todd’s Press Time, LLC


Stone Lithography:

Materials:  3 Lithography Stones, Levigator, Ink, Korn Litho Crayons (1-5 hardness)


                Materials: Copper Plates, Zinc Plates, Hard & Soft Ground, Burin, Etching Powder, Etching Solution, Brunt Plate Oil, Flash Oil, Acids

Engraving: /

                Materials: Gravers (+60 hand gravers, with + 20 different cuts), burnishers, sharpening stones & jigs, Copper plates, Ink, Hot Plate, Linen Cheesecloth, LED         Woodblock & Linocut:

                Materials: Carving Tools, Sharpening Stones, Wood, Hard & Soft Linoleum, Brayers (Ink Rollers 2” - 6”), Ink (water & oil-based), Mulberry Paper

In-house Reference Library including Example Plates & Original Prints




Hamilton Oak Job Case Cabinet – ca late 1800s

Provenance – Unknown

Procured from: Boca Raton, FL

48 job cases & lead type – with 1 to 3 fonts per case

2-person standing slanted work surface


Hamilton Metal Job Case Cabinet – ca 1940s – 1950s

                Provenance – James McGraw, Ohio

                Procured from: James McGraw

                22 job cases & lead type

                MDF flat work surface


Hamilton Furniture Case with Furniture – ca early 1900s

Provenance – Unknown

                Procured from: Port Charlotte, FL


Hamilton Furniture Case – ca early 1900s

Wood Job Case Cabinet- 

                Provenance – Unknown

                Donated By: Jan Norris, Riviera Beach

                Also donated by Jan Norris: Furniture, Lead Type, Challenge Proof Press (missing roller brackets/braces), various ink, Metal Job Case Cabinet, various job cases


Woodblock Type – Approximately 25 complete sets in various fonts and sizes

Publishing Cuts – Approximately 250 images

Lead Type – 100+ complete sets PLUS Frames, Wingdings, Shapes & Icons, Bullets, Monograms, Perforations, Lines

Quoins & Composing Sticks

Ink – Variety of Acrylic, Rubber, and Oil-Based Ink including Metallic, Extender & Transparency Medium / Base


BOOK PRESS - Late 1800s


3’ x 5’ Metal Table

Electric hydraulic craft table (24” to 54” height)

Work Aprons (Small to XXXL), Gloves, Eye protection

Brayers, Inks, Glass inking plates

Solvent Dispenser

Flour sack cloths

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