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The Lark's Nest Welding


& Fabrication

Instructed by Ava Larkin

The Lark's Nest Welding Class

Learn Life Skills

Larks Nest's Welding classes offer a unique chance to learn a life skill from a highly-skilled instructor that could be used for career growth or a valuable hobby. 

The Lark's Nest Welding and Fabrication

Use Professional Tools & Materials

No matter if you are an experienced Welder looking to learn new techniques or a First Timer, we have courses that allow you to leverage state of the art equipment.

The Lark's Nest Welding

Fabricate Unique Metal Items

Work with various metals to create structures of art or amend everyday use products such as auto parts right here in the Nest!



In 2007, Ava made up her mind that she would one day establish a center for creativity in her hometown, Dade City. At the time she was mid-way through her Senior year in the University of Delaware’s Fine Art program and was applying to graduate schools around the U.S.
Come Spring Ava would accept an offer from Herron School of Art and Design at IUPUI, where she would focus on Art in Public Spaces as part of their MFA program.

In the preceding years, Ava’s academic and work history ran the gamut. She attended colleges in Florida, Alabama, Boston and New York City. She studied music, foreign languages and singing. She was a licensed realtor in Florida and Tennessee, worked for Billboard in Nashville, was a flight attendant and model for Independence Air, freelanced for the Window Department and Interiors at Bergdorf Goodman, and was a backup singer for a handful of musicians. By the time she enrolled at the University of Delaware Ava felt confident she was finally heading in the right direction. Little did she know that she would be trying on a few more hats before too long...READ MORE

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The Lark's Nest Welding
The Lark's Nest Welding Instructor Ava Larkin

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